Cutting-Edge Financial Tactics Brunch 2016

Trust Deed InvestmentsDid you miss our 2016 tax brunch?
Our elite panel of experts converged on Saturday, November 5, 2016 for a unique brunch and learn experience as we explored:

  • The state of California real estate
  • Year-End Tax Saving Strategies for 2016
  • 3 Common Tax Mistakes Made by Investors You Need to Avoid
  • The power of self-directed IRAs
  • Strategies to generate tax-free income
  • 1031 exchanges and what you need to know
  • Alternative investments using self-directed retirement accounts
  • Passive and secured 6% annual returns without the hassle of being a landlord
  • And much more

Whether you’re a retiree, doctor, teacher, government employee, real estate investor, business owner, or just someone wanting to learn more, check out the videos from the event below.

Bruce Norris with The Norris Group

Bruce Norris
President, The Norris Group

The market has shifted. What’s next? You won’t want to miss Bruce’s insights into the California real estate market. Bruce will also discuss:

  • The statistics behind Southern California real estate trends and the real behind-the-scenes scoop
  • Alternatives to owning real estate, without the hassle of tenants and toilets
  • Passive and secured returns with trust deeds and alternatives


Bill Exeter

Bill Exeter
Exeter 1031 Exchange Services, LLC 

Learn how to better protect and build your investments.  Explore investment strategies such as deferring your taxes on the sale of investment real estate and other assets through the use of a 1031 Exchange and more. 

  • What is a 1031 Exchange?

  • Putting Your Money to Work for You

  • Deferring Capital Gains Taxes

  • Timing Rules and Regulations

Contact: Exeter 1031 Exchange  
(619) 239-3091



Kaaren Hall with uDirect IRA Services

Kaaren Hall
President, uDirect IRA Services

In this presentation, Kaaren Hall of uDirect IRA Services covers:

  • Using your IRA as a tool for alternative investing
  • The dos and don’ts  of Self-Directed IRA investing
  • Using your IRA to invest in real estate (avoiding prohibited transactions)
  • Checkbook IRA” basics
  • Do alternative assets pose an additional risk to retirement accounts?

Contact: Kaaren Hall
(866) 447-6598 · (714) 831-1866

Keystone CPA

Amanda Han & Matt MacFarland
Keystone CPA

In this presentation, Matt MacFarland and Amanda Han with Keystone CPA covers:

  • Hidden secrets behind the tax hikes and who will truly be impacted
  • Strategies to permanently lower your taxes with tax-free income
  • Tax-free and tax-efficient ways to extract profits out of your business this year
  • 2016 tax planning must-dos before year-end

Contact: Keystone CPA
(877) 975-0975

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