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The Norris Group

The Norris Group is one of the most unique trust deed investment companies in California. Our history in exclusive market timing research, experienced team, hands-on knowledge of the market, and continued investor success has made The Norris Group a well-respected and sought-after voice in the trust deed investment space. 

Exclusive California Market Timing Research

Bruce Norris put The Norris Group on the map in 1997 when he wrote the report, California Comeback. This information-packed report told the tale of how California would see prices double over an eight-year period and do even better if the U.S. saw interest rates under 10%. His well-researched report and long-term prediction not only came true but made many of our network millions in the process.

His follow up report in 2006, The California Crash, warned investors the ride was over and to move quickly to states that typically fair better during California recessions. This move allowed many investors to retain the gains they had made during the boom.

You'll often see Bruce in the media and speaking at associations all over the US and California speaking on market timing and real estate investments. He hosts an award-winning radio show where he interviews renowned economists and real estate thought leaders from all over the country. 

Experienced Team of Professionals

Our core trust deed investments team brings over 100 years of combined experience to our investment division. With this deep level of experience in hard money, investments, real estate, and escrow, it's no wonder The Norris Group has a legacy of happy investors. As a trust deed investor, it's difficult to find a more experienced, dedicated, and professional team. 

Hands-On Experience in the Market Daily

The Norris Group also has an investment division that purchases roughly numerous properties every month.  We buy, repair, and resell properties as well as build new homes. This hands-on experience translates into outstanding investments for our trust deed investors because of continual market feedback. We look at each deal through the eyes of a professional real estate investor and only share the investments we think will be profitable for our trust deed investors.

Our California trust deed investors not only adopt our large network of professional real estate investors but also the Norris Group and its extensive experience in the California real estate market. 

For more information on The Norris Group, see www.thenorrisgroup.com

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