Cutting-Edge Financial Tactics Brunch 2017

"Sorry, you need to ask your CPA, attorney, and/or other experts?” It’s so frustrating!

We’ve all had it happen and that why we created something very unique for our 7th Annual Cutting-Edge Financial Tactics Brunch Saturday, October 28 in Costa Mesa, CA. Below you will find our speakers' contact information and their presentations as they cover topics like: 

  • The fiduciary rule and self-direct investing and how this might limit your ability to invest in 2018 
  • What asset protection really means and horror stories you won’t want to repeat
  • The three major mistakes investors make with IRA investing and how to avoid them
  • Horror stories on 1031 exchanges gone wrong and how they can easily be avoided
  • Ideas for investors in quadrant four and preparing your portfolio for recession
  • And much more (of course)

Our Team of Pros

Bruce Norris with The Norris Group

Bruce Norris
President, The Norris Group

The Norris Group

pdf.gif Bruce's Presentation

Bill Exeter

Bill Exeter
Exeter 1031 Exchange Services, LLC 

Contact: Exeter 1031 Exchange
(619) 239-3091

pdf.gif Bill's Presentation


Kaaren Hall with uDirect IRA Services

Kaaren Hall
President, uDirect IRA Services

uDirect IRA Services
(866) 447-6598

pdf.gif Kaaren's Presentation

Keystone CPA

Amanda Han & Matt MacFarland
Keystone CPA

Keystone CPA
(877) 975-0975

pdf.gif Keystone's Presentation

Harry BarthHarry M. Barth, J.D., MBA, MSFS
BarthCalderon Attorneys

BarthCalderon Attorneys

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