Trust Deed Testimonials

Here are a few testimonials we've received from happy trust deed investor clients. 

I came to the Norris Group during the depths of the Great Recession. I was looking for an alternative to the instability of the stock market. I became aware of Bruce Norris from a presentation he conducted at the Apartment Owner's Association and decided that the timing was right to join his private investor pool as a trust deed investor.

I was quite willing to trade the inconsistencies of the stock market with the steady, predictable results as a private lender. Some of the advantages I have found in working with The Norris Group are superb underwriting of their loans by Craig Hill, predictability of income, high rate of return combined with low risk and most importantly...integrity.

I value integrity in my business relationships. TNG also has excellent back office support for their trust deed investments and are timely, efficient and communicative. The decision to work with The Norris Group has exceeded my expectations and makes this recommendation very easy to complete.

- J. Brush

I have worked with Bruce Norris and Craig Hill for over 25+ years. They have recommended and guided my investments in a sound and profitable manner. My portfolio has steadily increased over these many years thanks to them and their ability to select wise investments for their customers. If If I was asked to give them a letter grade it would be an A+++, and if I were asked to list one adjective to describe my experience with the Norris Group it would be OUTSTANDING.

- J. Boughner

I am the trustee for 3 family trusts, whose funds and investments I manage.  For the last 13 years I have been a participant, on behalf of the family trusts, in the Norris Group Trust Deed Investment Program.

Since 1998 I have invested a significant portion of the funds in aproximately 144 first trust deeds with the Norris Group.  These trust deeds have earned approximately $1,675,000 in interest income for the 3 family trusts.  Of the 144 trust deeds 9 are presently open and still in existence.  The other 135 have closed with 133 providing a complete payback of principal and all interest.  In 2009, as a result of the recent real estate bubble, 2 trust deeds only paid back a portion of the principal invested, resulting in a loss of $150,000.  This loss pales in comparison to the interest income earned over the years.  The loss calculates out to be less than 9% of the healthy interest income earned from all the other first trust deeds.

I continue to have complete confidence in the Trust Deed Investment Program as evidenced by our present exposure in 9 of them.

- Joe K.

It truly is a pleasure to do business with the Norris Group. Our relationship of 15 years has been an extremely positive experience. Craig Hill, Bruce Norris and their entire staff are top notch professionals that go out of their way to assist customers with any of their requests, and they make you feel like they really want to help the customer. Phone calls are returned promptly. The Norris Group is my investment group of choice. I teach Customer Service classes to businesses, and the Norris Group exemplifies what excellent Customer Service and Customer Care is all about.

- V. Mort

I began investing in trust deeds in 1986 and have utilized the services of a number of hard money brokers.  Throughout the years I have gone from seven or eight brokers to just one; The Norris Group.  I became a huge Bruce Norris fan in 1997 after reading "The California Comeback" and have been a Bruce Norris fan ever since.  I feel the integrity of The Norris Group with Craig Hill is second to none.  I enjoy the passive nature of investing in trust deeds and having the monthly interest payments sent straight to my bank. Thank you Bruce and Craig.

- T. Aldridge

We are approaching the second anniversary of our investor/lender relationship.  I want to thank you for assembling such an outstanding team dedicated to making safe investments in trust deeds.

You appraise values properties conservatively.  Each appraisal includes the detail needed to enable me to feel comfortable investing without having to reevaluate the property.  Craig Hill is the best loan executive I have worked with.  Craig follows strict guidelines and lends only the amount of money supported by the property valuation.  Your staff executes the back up paper work accurately and timely.  Best of all your borrowers come back again and again.  This allows me, an investor, to feel I am loaning to borrowers with a good tract record. 

My pension fund monies are invested in the 9.9% loan term eight year notes.  I enjoy diversification between different properties located in different cities, different borrowers, etc.  The long term loans are structured to provide long term returns and security of principal.

The short term loan program at 12.5% interest provides me cash flow.  Again I feel my investments are secure because of the realistic loan to value (60% or less).  Also, properties are located in different cities and loans are made to experienced fix up operators with tract records.  Most importantly the borrowers (fix up operators) have 20%-30% of the money in the deal.

Putting all the above together, you are offering investors a really safe and well managed program for short term or long term investments.  I hope we can do business for a long time.

- Coast Equity Group

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